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July 06, 2009


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I love the pillows, they are adorable! I could use one of those skirts though :)

Sarah Scott

I think the dream pillow is my favorite! I love the skirts too.


I love the Custom Funky Silhouette-Fun Twist on an Old Idea!

itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com


I love the "Whats in a Name-Funky Funky Personalized Patchwork Name Pillow" Her site is really awesome!


Oh my gosh! I LOVE this skirt and am hoping she might make me one soon. Even better, I could win one! In her shop, I Love her little applique house hand towels. So cute!


I'm one of her subscribers and I LOVE all she has, especially the pillows but these skirts are awesome! I would love to win one...Unless of course she's sharing one of her precious boys. SO SWEET!

casper080466 (at) yahoo (dot) com


I blogged about this giveaway! :)Lisa


Everything in Crystal's shop is so cute! I love her embroidered onesies, especially the cupcake one she has in her shop now! :)


I love the To Market To Market tote! That skirt is awesome and would look super cute on me!!!


well I just love those scrap pillows they are my new fave thing, also I admire the silhouettes a lot :)


I wish I could buy something, but I have no money... :(


I am linking this post to my blog.

my info if I win, which i hope i do is...


I love all of Crystal's items in her shop, especially the "What's in a name?" pillows. I have read Crystal's blog for about 1 1/2 years now. (I even bought scraps from Lassie Girl after I read about them on Little Bit Funky :) )

I hope I win!

Sami Vanek

I absouletly the scrappy pillows (especially the HOPE one!). I've been dying to make my daughter one of these skirts and jus haven't found the time...I would love one for myself too :0) Have a SUPER day!


everything is darling...but those monogram burp cloths are too cute!!

Kelly Burley

Love Crystals shop on ETSY. She has been an inspiration to me in my etsy shop!! I love the whats in a name pillow for boys!!


I have been reading the blog since March and love it!!

thank you for all the fun and funky stuff:-)

Kelly @ Burley Girl Designs


I love everything from Crystal's store! The pillows, the burp rags, the towels. I love reading her blog too! :)


Love everything but especially the what's in a name pillow for boys. So creative! Splendidthings.etsy.com


I ADORE the skirt. PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!!


I love everything in her shop. I have bought a couple of her baby blankets and I just love them. I sure would love a scrappy skirt....they are so much fun!!


I am a huge fan of Crystal and have been following her blog for months now. I love her word pillows and want one in our family name. Those skirts are stunning and I would love to win one.


I adore the scrappy girl skirts!
I also love the towel with the houses. Adorable!!!!
The skirts are super fun for summer! I wish I had the talent that a little bit funky has ;)
kudos to you!

Elma Riedstra

OH I love her shop. Her towels with the houses on I love. I have bought so many things from her shop. I have bought bibs and burb cloths for gifts, towels hair pins and cards. Her new skirts are so neat. Please put my name in for this wonderful giveaway:)

Holly Stock

I posted about this giveaway on my facebook page ;)


Love the patchwork name pillows...and her prices are really reasonable on some things. Thanks for sharing!


I love the scrappy skirt. In fact if i don't win it, i'm buying it. My fave is her dream pillow. So pick me!


Crystal is MEGA creative! Love the cushions and like the skirt! jl.lawn@bigpond.com.au

Angela D.

I love the idea of cloth napkins with an initial on it. We just started using cloth napkins and Crystal's are the cutest I've ever seen! I also love the flower t-shirt at the top of this page. Just adorable!


I love her stuff. My favorite is the welcome pillow. The skirts are awesome!!

I posted a link to this page & hers!!


oh amy

I love Crystal's etsy shop and am a faithful reader of her blog. My favorite item in her shop are her funky house towels. I would love to win one of her skirts. Thanks.


those dinner napkins so rock my world. love them!


i love the dream pillow from her shop!! my daughter saw it on the computer and loved it too! so sweet!! i'd love to win the skirt....its gorgeous!!


I had already marked her page as one of my Etsy faves! Love the adult scrappy skirt . . .


My original comment seems to be missing -- so I'm entering again!

I love so many things in her shop! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite...the skirts, pillows, and napkins might be my top three though. And the towels -- make that top four!

I'd love-love-love to win the skirt though. Its so cute -- and perfect for summer. :)

Stephanie ANderson

Love Love Love the scrappy skirts!!! I have to have one of those!! Those pillows are fab too!!!


Alison O'Quinn

I love the funky personalised patchwork name pillow. This would be perfect in my daughter's room.


Love the Whats in a Name-Funky Funky Personalized Patchwork Name Pillow.

melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Kim @ Everything Etsy

Wow! Thanks for introducing me to this shop. I really like the scrappy skirt..really like it! Her pillows are cute too!



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