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July 20, 2009


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Sarah Scott

I think my favorite cupcake is maybe a lemon cupcake...although chocolate comes in at a close second. I have a weakness for lemon. :)


I love cupcakes-- that's a really sweet (pardon the pun!) giveaway! Thanks.


Thanks for such a great giveaway!

My favorite cupcake flavor - peanut butter with milk chocolate frosting!

Michaela Krull

My favorite cupcake flavor is red velvet with cream cheese frosting... decadent!

Michaela Krull

Linking to your post from my blog! Totally adorable giveaway!


karie john

I am a dark chocolate girl for sure! I LOVE that cupcake fabric, and my lil' bird is sooooo in need of a new pinnie :)

Angela D.

My favorite two flavors are chocolate and peppermint. As a child my birthday cakes were always chocolate with pink peppermint icing. Yumm


Ooohhh ... vanilla with lemon icing!


Opps, forgot to add my blog to my comment


Again, thank you!!!


RED VELVET! By far red velvet is my favorite! Hubby makes me a red velvet something every year for my birthday. Usually it is cupcakes or a cake but this year he got crafty and made a red velvet cheesecake.....sooooo yummy!


I blogged you and posted a picture of Maddie in the red white and blue pinafore!



chocolate!! of course!!! :-)


Yeah! I love the cupcake fabric. I want to do a cupcake themed birthday party for my daughter and this would make such a cute party dress! My favorite cupcake is vanilla and rasberry!


okay, looks like I never hit the right button earlier noting my fav flavor! Been one of those days...I NEED a cupcake ;-)

There are so many great cupcake flavors and my two favorite are dark chocolate and red velvet with a nice buttercream or cream cheese frosting...yummy! Thank you for this awesome giveaway :-)


Lemon is my favorite, but cake of any kind is alright! Thanks for the giveaway!


Yippie!! Another ADORABLE pinnie giveaway!
Well when it comes to cupcakes I'm not too terribly picky, but I must say the banana sounds SO yummy!! Ooh and Ava was just admiring the picture of the cupcakes and she said, "I want a bupcake(cupcake)!" Yep we call them bupcakes around here! LOL!


Oh, this looks so cute! Thanks for the giveaway... my daughter would love the pinnie and some chocolate peppermint cupcakes!


Banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting...yummy!

Laury Hoganson

I ate one in New York from a bakery that was Coconut Cream something or other. It had a nifty name. It was so super fabulous I'd almost consider moving from from California to NY for it! I could never duplicate the coconut ones, but I love to make a Tiramusu variety. I dream in cupcakes! YUMM!


Favorite cupcake -- that's a tough one -- kind of like picking a favorite fabric!!!

My daughter had one the other day -- just plain vanilla with creamsicle frosting (orange)... I wanted to steal it!!! I was so bummed I didn't pick that one too! So at the moment -- vanilla with creamsicle frosting. :) And sprinkles on top never hurt.


I love all things CAKE. But my fav cupcake is for sure plain o chocolate with white whipped topping. I love me some chocolate.

I also love me some pinnies by Ashley!!



Ashley, just recvd the new pinnies, and I'm hooked for good. Many thanks, you're an awesome seller! My favorite cupcake is carrot w/ cream cheese frosting - yum!!!

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